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"What You Want - Where You Want - When You Want"

Executive Charter - Our Piper Chieftain is a great choice for economical executive charter. Operated with two crew, this aircraft is very comfortable for 6 passengers and baggage. All weather capable with excellent range for provincial and inter provincial on demand charter.

Hotshot Services - Big or small items needing immediate delivery. Fast and efficient delivery for your "must have" items. Great Core delivery method as well as parts delivery to save on equipment "down time"

Leisure - Weekend away? Fishing trips or back country excursions? Our 206's can get you back into the wilds! Excellent unimproved strip capability with very affordable rates.

Crew Changes - Our Chieftain in commuter configuration can carry up to 7 passengers with 2 crew operation.

Aerial Photography - Our 206's with the in-flight door gives excellent opportunity for fabulous aerial photographs. Job site development, air to air or other air to ground all work very well from the 206.

Sightseeing - Any of our aircraft afford excellent visibility for a sightseeing trip. Take a trip to the mountains or just explore the city from the air.

Forest Fire Logistics - Fire patrol or crew / camp support. Optimair is able and ready to help.

Patient Transfer - Our Navajo Series aircraft are quickly configurable to stretcher configuration. With the assistance of a family or medical staff member, we are able to transport non-emergency mobile and non-mobile passengers over long distances swiftly and trouble free.

Para-Drop Aircraft and Supply - Optimair is presently supplying  drop zones in Alberta with aircraft and pilots. A strong knowledge of the skydive business is our greatest asset. If you are considering starting a skydive school or are in need of short term aircraft support we are available to help in a variety of areas. For more information on this service please call.