Comfortable cabin / large access doors

C-GNOR can be fitted with oversize tires and a cargo pod for back country hunting or fishing trips.

   Cessna P-206

The 206 is a very popular Cessna aircraft model. Since production started there have been 6581 Cessna 206’s built. Cessna aircraft company refers to the 206 as the sport utility vehicle of the sky.

Our Cessna 206’s are ready to go, day or night, with up to 1200 lbs of freight or passengers, and still enough fuel to fly for 3 hours.

Engine 1 Continental Engine (285Hp)
Cruise Speed 135 Knot / 250 KPH
Max Seating 1 Crew / 5 Passengers
Max Range 555 Nm / 1 380 Km
Useful Load 1700 lb. / 770 Kg
Take Off Distance (MTOW) 1810 Ft / 551 Meters (Sea Level)
Landing Distance (MLW) 1395 Ft / 425 Meters (Sea Level)
Rate of Climb (MTOW) 920 Ft per Minute / 280 Meters per Minute