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   Cessna P-206

C-FALL (get it) is our main skydive and freight carrier, aftermarket larger engine for increased performance. Somewhat shy on creature comforts this aircraft is a true workhorse. While we don't use C-FALL for any passenger charter work it is ready through the week for freight and hotshot runs. This airplane can really carry a load!


Engine 1 Continental Engine (300Hp)
Cruise Speed 140 Knot / 260 KPH
Max Seating 1 Crew + 6 Para-jumpers
Max Range 555 Nm / 1 380 Km
Useful Load 1750 lb. / 770 Kg
Take Off Distance (MTOW) 1810 Ft / 551 Meters (Sea Level)
Landing Distance (MLW) 1395 Ft / 425 Meters (Sea Level)
Rate of Climb (MTOW) 975 Ft per Minute / 298 Meters per Minute